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Mykonos Cavo Tagoo

Mykonos Cavo Tagoo Hotel: Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos, Greece

Type : Hotels , Villas , Suites
Class : Lux
Location : Tagoo
Rooms Number: 0

Licensed by EOT: 741127505

Cavo Tagoo is found in a close distance from Chora Mykonos. This wonderful luxurious resort has been built on the slopes of a hill and gives amazing views to the Aegean Sea. Its traditional, minimalistic architecture and modern facilites offer a unique experience to guests. The 80 rooms and suites of Cavo Tagoo, each one painted in blue, rose or fuchsia, are known for their luxury and style. While some suites have private pools, the hotel also offers a spa centre, indoor heated pool, fitness centre, lounge and poolside bars. Relax in Cavo Tagoo and offer yourself the comfort you deserve.

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Location : Tagoo | Class : Lux

Type : Hotels , Villas , Suites
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